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Finding Joy in the New: Welcome Brenda Cappy Gruhn

Please join me in welcoming Brenda Cappy Gruhn, NCC, LPC to the practice! Brenda comes with an array of experience in helping children, teens, and their families grow and make positive change. Below are some inquiries, answered by Brenda so that you can get to know her better.

What makes you smile? Why?  

I love to smile, so I do it often!  There are a lot of things that make me smile, but I would have to say baby animals, especially baby pandas and baby elephants, always make me smile!  Their cute personalities that show through their interactions with their surroundings are the best at making me belly laugh!

What was the most interesting place you have traveled? Why? 

I loved going to Italy, particularly Cinque Terra, a series of five fishing villages on the Mediterranean.  The villages are built on sea cliffs and the beautiful colors of the homes, the relaxed lifestyle (there are no cars in the little towns!), the warm, welcoming people and the feelings of being in another century are amazing to me!  

What is a small act of kindness you experienced and will never forget?

As a school counselor, many students often made cards for me.  Some of my very favorite ones were the ones thanking me for helping in some way.  One time a student wrote on a school-wide kindness wall, “Thank you for everything you do, even though most of it goes unnoticed.” It meant SO MUCH to me to have a fifth-grade boy notice my hard work and be brave enough to write it to me where all of the other students in the school would see it.  I felt very appreciated that day!

If you could be an insect, which would you be?

A lady bug.  I think they are the cutest of all the insects!

What was the last movie you saw? Thoughts on it?

I recently watched the original “Pete’s Dragon” by Disney. I had remembered that I loved it as a little kid, but really didn’t recall much more about it.  I absolutely loved it!  All of the songs came back to me as if I had just heard them and the story about true friendship and needing others is both poignant and magical. 

What is the most recent photo saved to your phone? Why did you take the photo?

A photo of my family from a recent get together.  We are all spread out across the world and we have the greatest times when we get together.  I took and kept the photo to remind myself to keep in touch with them, no matter how busy life gets!

Coffee or tea?


If you could have dinner with anyone, whether they are dead or alive, who would it be?

My Grandmother.  She was the most caring, genuine person I have ever met.  I miss her all of the time and I would love a chance to have one more dinner with her and share some stories, laughs and hugs!

If Brenda’s responses spark an interest in change for you and you would like to make an appointment with her, please call 412-367-0575 or click here.

Service List

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples & Marital Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Co-parenting Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Groups
  • Group Supervision
  • Workshops
  • Classes



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