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The Power of Yoga: Welcome Michele Miklos

At PPA, we're constantly growing. We have a drive to make our practice one that focuses on overall health. We understand the benefits of the mind-body-spiritual connection and what better way to start to focus on this than bringing in Yoga! We lucked out because Michele Miklos, our office manager, is also a Yoga instructor, and a good one at that! We are truly blessed with her compassion, focus, stillness, and peaceful-attitude. 

In an attempt for our community to get to know Michele better (so they're better aware of just who is teaching their yoga classes), Michele took some time to increase our knowledge about what makes her tick and what makes her into the wonderful human being that she is. Below are some questions she decided to answer to do the job.


How would you describe your work in a six word sentence?

Guiding you to find your center.

What makes you smile? Why?

So many things! Spending time in nature, trees, experiencing beauty in the world, my pets, my husband, friends, family, a great song, sunshine, curling up with a comfy pillow & blanket, a great book... Our world is tremendously beautiful and precious and I choose to honor it with a smile when it sparks delight in me.

What was the last book you read that had an impact? What were your thoughts on it?

The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field: A Psychic's Perspective - I listened to this short audiobook in one sitting. It was packed with interesting information to better understand aspects of the human experience that are not readily observable to most, but whose interactions and effects can be sensed/felt nonetheless.

What was the most interesting place you have traveled? Why?

I love travel for the perspective it provides, so Bali, Indonesia has to be my answer for this one. Nearly exactly halfway around the world, everyday life there is the most different I've experienced to life at home. The climate, culture, pervasive religious beliefs and energy pervading the island all come together to create an experience unlike anything to be found elsewhere.

What is the word you use most often?

Probably "the".

What was the funniest thing you have ever experienced?

I don't keep a catalog, but like to be entertained and amused by life everyday. It's far more pleasant to find things to laugh at than to complain about. Having pets (a cat & dog named Bonny & Clyde) certainly helps with keeping the laughs and smiles coming!

What is a small act of kindness you experienced and will never forget?

One that was impactful was when I was feeling self-conscious at a school dance in middle school. I was standing around awkwardly, wanting to dance, but feeling paralyzed by my self-judgment and unable to join in. My friend Kristen (still friends to this day!) extended her hand and twirled me and danced with me for a song, to break that ice. Having someone who helped bring me out of my shell, when she could have ignored me and had her own fun, was immensely uplifting.

When did you first know you wanted to work in the helping field?

I'm not sure I have a conscious memory of this; it's just the only way of being that has ever made sense to me.

If you could be an insect, which would you be?

A butterfly - for their beauty and symbolism of metamorphosis, transformation & hope (as well as help with pollinating flowers!).

What was the last movie you saw? Thoughts on it?

Avengers: Endgame. It was a fun & entertaining ride. What is the most recent photo saved to your phone? Why did you take the photo? A screenshot of an inspirational quote that I wanted to remember and be able to refer back to later.

Coffee or tea?

Both - I wouldn't want to do without either!

What was your latest binge-watch show?

Game of Thrones - quite an exciting time to be a part of a fandom! What emotion do you think is most difficult to express? Anger - doesn't always feel safe to allow yourself to feel anger.

How do you build trust in students?

Displaying compassion & curiosity - meeting them where they are. Also, embodying authenticity & openness.

If you could have dinner with anyone, whether they are dead or alive, who would it be?

My family and friends (living & deceased). It's hard to get a group of people together, so I don't take for granted that our time together is precious and limited. My wedding, when the majority were present, was one of my happiest days. It is powerful to be surrounded by so much love of those who know you deeply.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Why?

Spending time with my family at Conneaut Lake. I could read as long as I wanted, as well as enjoy the sun and the water. The adults were all stress-free for the week. We tried to avoid TV while we were up there (didn't have one for a few summers), so it was time to be present with each other building puzzles, playing board games, taking walks & boat rides, and just slowing life down.

Did you have a role model when you were growing up? Who was it? Why?

My role models were mainly fictional characters from the books I was reading. The strongest of these, I would say, was Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables. Through her imagination, she made her ordinary world seem as mystical and full of delightful surprises as the fantasy worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the like -- and to me, that's true magic.


If you are interested in knowing more about Michele, you can read her bio, here, and if you want to check out her yoga classes, you can view her schedule and class list, here.

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