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Back-to-School: The New, New Year

by Alissa Klugh, MS, LPC, CMHIMP

This time of year has been hectic for as long back as I can remember. As a child, I recall preparing for my school year by anticipating which classroom teacher I would have, signing up for sports and activities, and watching the days slowly get shorter, as the summer rolled to a close.

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Is it Faith or is it Fear?

by Alissa Klugh, MS, LPC, CMHIMP


What if I told you that faith and fear are essentially the same? You'd probably think I was a bit off-my-rocker with it, but hear me out. 

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A Peaceful Self: Guided Meditation Practice

By Alissa Klugh, MS, LPC, CMHIMP


As a therapist, I oftentimes will encourage my clients to learn and use meditation. Like many of my clients, you may have no idea what that truly means. So many people mistaken it for "just breathings" or "having extreme focus" - I know this because they tell me, "I can't sit still that long" and "I don't know how to have nothing on my mind." It's a common mistake. One that even I made, years ago, before I became a therapist.

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