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Landa C. Harrison, MEd., NCC, LPC

Whether you are considering therapy because of a crisis, a desire to improve your relationships or to resolve issues that have been preventing you from living the life you want, I will be your partner in the journey.  I have dedicated my career to improving the human condition by helping people create the futures they desire for themselves and their families.  In treatment, I start by committing to deeply understanding the circumstances, choices, beliefs, and actions that have lead someone to where they are, helping the people I serve to understand that what’s happened to them may have left them mistakenly believing that something is wrong with them.   I use an eclectic and individualized approach that draws from cognitive-behavioral treatment as well as psychodynamic theory, family systems therapy and the Sanctuary Model of trauma responsive care.

While I treat individuals with a range of behavioral health needs, including anxiety, depression, relational problems, and LGBTQ issues, I also identify as a specialist in treating trauma-related disorders.  My approach is collaborative and supportive with a strong focus on defining and achieving each client’s personal therapy goals.  I am confident in my capacity to help, as I have over 25 years of experience in individual, family and couples work, and have authored of several publications on working with people and communities who have overcome adversity.  I have also had the privilege of consulting around the United States and several other countries with organizations that provide residential, inpatient, outpatient, school and home-based services and range from drug and alcohol treatment programs to rescue services in human trafficking.  These amazing experiences have allowed me to develop skills and expertise in treatment practices that transform lives and improve the human condition, one client at a time.

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9401 McKnight Road, Suite 105 
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Call: 412.367.0575

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