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Audrey Hepburn was once quoted as saying, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.” And so our need for a language of creative and global understanding marches on. We are meaning seeking creatures. We need to know what happens when the lights go down and only shadows remain. Words help fill that void. They have the potential to create, cultivate and sustain our souls. Our resident contributor and wellness guru, Stephanie McCracken, taps into the power of language and words in this week’s beautifully simple posting, “The Word.” Enjoy!

In Good Health,
Don Laird, MS, NCC, LPC

The Word by Stephanie McCracken, MS 

Stephanie McCrackenThe written or spoken word, each of these is an abundantly powerful entity. Upon subtle examination we can begin to understand and then perhaps harness their infinite power. Find assurance that words, whether verbal or written, are the building blocks to our relationships with others, our relationship with ourselves and ultimately how we relate to the rest of the known universe. There are countless overly used and somewhat trite aphorisms that guide one toward the powerful secret to which I write, “Think well, speak well, and be well.”

It sounds simple, but what does all of this wellness really mean? For those of you who have already discovered this transformational tool the lesson will be unnecessary, but it will seem the majority of people who I interact with have yet to take note of the vast difference between positive speech and negative speech.  This difference draws the distinction between effective and ineffective communication. In the expanse between speech and action we are given the opportunity to enjoy the magnetic and expansive power of attraction which will repel or manifest thoughts, feelings and blessings.

Read the following two passages very closely and unveil the differences inherent in the words…

1) I can’t show you the power of attraction, if you don’t already know its mechanisms then you are living without its effects.

Read closely and notice what you think and feel about the following statement compared with the previous one.

2) The power of attraction is an invisible force, if you are in the process of discovering its components you are on the road to enjoying its effects.

The WordDo you notice that these two sentences are fundamentally similar in their meaning? Yet, by using a few contrasting words the feelings associated with each of them are very different. We would likely find the first statement within a dialogue spoken with any number of words such as: “can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, don’t, never, less.” These words frame the way one perceives the world. They are the words that are used to color interaction with others, and they invariably become part of the way that others remember us and the way that we feel about and understand ourselves. “I can’t ever catch a break in life!” “I never have any luck with men/women.” “I have no money, I’m always broke.”  I know a few people who make it a regular habit to speak and think in these terms and interestingly enough, they are almost always right about their poor luck, lack of love, and nonexistent portfolios.

Now think for a moment upon the other end of the spectrum. Do you know any people that typically seem to be in great spirits? That person who is usually smiling and has seemingly good luck? The people who remain confident and calm even when dealing with challenges? Who are these people and how do they develop the skills necessary to enjoy the universe instead of becoming overwhelmed by it? I will share with you a skill that they utilize, perhaps even unconsciously. They think and interact with others in terms of abundance, strengths, and abilities, simple constructs that make all of the difference.

The WordImagine the person exemplified in the aforementioned paragraph. In communication they would think, “I am going to enjoy the better luck that is waiting for me around the next corner.” “I am ready to enjoy a positive, loving relationship with a man/woman.” “I am working on my money management skills and or finding new employment.”  What simple differences in which these individuals order their universe.  In the first example there is a sense of helplessness, a poignant hopelessness that says the universe is against me.  The latter example highlights someone who has learned the power of words. This is not semantics or simple reframing. This is buying into the words we use to ourselves and others. It is speaking in ways that are constructive and aligned with faith, trust, hope and growth. I ask you to try this small exercise the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and helpless in life. Reclaim your intentions by re-sculpting the terra nova of your inner sanctum and make a change toward the positive.

Even if you don’t necessarily believe everything that you are saying at first, it will be helpful to view yourself as someone developing unto your desires. If you were to choose, right now in this moment, which potentials would you like to expand upon? Choose what feels right for you.  Grow, move, release your dreams, hopes and purpose into the ether.

Love, expression and happiness,


2 thoughts on “The Word

  1. Hi Dale, Thank you for the thoughtful commentary. In your comments you mention oppressed nations and there is no doubt that the world is full of those who are exploited, threatened, provided with little to no opportunity or so downtrodden that they fail to notice when the glass has been poured to full. Even within our own country there are those who have been victimized, this reminds me of a fantastic titile “Mans Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl-Frankl lived captive in the most notoriously horrendous concentration camp, Auschwitz. Very few of us could concieve of the lack of human dignity, perpetual terrors, and all around dehumanizing conditions of such a place. Yet, Frankl rose above this, he states that “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms-to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose ones own way.” Postivitity is not only a privlege of those who skip seamlessly down tree-lined drives paved in gold- this is the common man and womens human right, all of us who have suffered but to suffer lest not decide that we shrivel and calously withdraw from the simple joy of being on this earth, in this magical time full of human potential and growing understanding; appreciation of our natural world and this ever magical experience that is life… until next time Dale…

  2. Thanks Stephanie. You have given us something to really think about. — I wonder how one should accept the language of say someone in Gaza, or Somalia or Egypt or the Appalachia as an example when thinking about being positive? These are oppressive areas where the people there are depended upon other nations/people/organizations to support them through very difficult times created by both outside and inside forces. Abraham Maslow’s motivational needs that we humans have runs from the physical to the affective aspirations we long for in our lives. All of these emotions are natural for each of us given the circumstances we live in. So, I take it that both of your sentences speaks of us as human beings in relationship to each other, but in our culture (and surely others) what works the best for us is the ‘pleasant invitation’ to be inclusive and involved with them. — This is an exercise I have worked on most of my adult life, and find I still am closer to the starting block then I am the finishing line. In three years you ought to put these articles in a book where you can enlarge upon them. It would be a best seller, no question.. Great article as usual…

    James Dale Barrington – Dale

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