Bucket List FLICKS

Off the Script: Episode 4

By Christina Pettinato

Don Laird andChristina Pettinato

Is it not the gift of new experiences and forgotten wants that drives the creation of a bucket list? Why must we encounter death’s presence to finally experience the freedom to follow through with past wishes? How do we treat everyday as though it were our last?

In this spirit, we present to you our latest podcast titled, “Bucket List Flicks.” In this final episode of Season One, Don and I take a moment to highlight six movies that, from our perspective, are “must see” films before you die. Everyone has at least one favorite movie of all time. Movies explore our passions, experiences, and emotional connections that can motivate us to make changes in our lives. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “Great love and great achievements involve great risk.” So, sit back and have a listen. Who knows, maybe your “bucket list” will begin today!

Off the Script Episode 4: Bucket List FLiCKS

Lights, camera, and love,

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