A Healthy Dose of Fear

Off the Script: Episode 6
By Christina Pettinato

Off the Script with Don and Christina

Alone, in the darkness of a windy night, you hear a subtle creak. Beneath the covers, you lie perfectly still. Your eyes dart from side to side, and your heart begins to pound as suspicious thoughts creep into your racing mind. The creak Is joined by a soft but steady moan. Is that the wind or is there someone or something  just outside your door where darkness knows no bounds? You are afraid, very afraid.

Fear has the capacity to both create and to destroy. Charles Darwin stated, “Our will and reason are powerless against the imagination of a danger which had never been experienced.” Either in a stage of survival or fun, fear is an experience we cannot escape. We need it, and, in fact it can be healthy for us.

Off the Script Podcast Episode 6: A Healthy Dose of FearIn the “spirit” of Halloween and in an attempt to better understand the underpinnings of fear, Don and I offer to you, Dear Listener, our latest podcast simply titled, “A Healthy Dose of Fear.” Join us on a path of fright as we highlight some of our own childhood fears and explore four movies that we believe can frighten anyone to their core! Happy Halloween!!

Listen now here – Off the Script: Episode 6

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