Lend A Hand This Holiday Season – #CHxmaS

by Christy Gualtieri

Every Black Friday, you hear the stories: people getting trampled on trying to reach the hottest deal; fights breaks out in parking lots over The Best Toy Ever; and folks accuse others of assaults on Christmas itself – the focus on materialism taking over the true meaning of the holiday.

The fact is, although isolated incidents like the above do happen, the holiday season is a time that spotlights something entirely different: Americans like to give during the holidays.  Big time.  Market research shows that 38% of people who donate to charity do so during the holiday season, and for good reason: donating to charity and giving of your time to others not only benefits you emotionally but physically as well.

CHSholidaygiftproject-546c1144acb04Most beneficiaries of those who give to charities during the holiday season are the elderly and children, and while it is important to make sure they’re taken care of, there are plenty of folks in between who fall through the cracks.  To that end, the Pittsburgh non-profit organization Community Human Services (CHS) works to provide essential services to those who might not meet those qualifications.  Their yearly Holiday Gift Project raises funds to provide a little holiday gift to them which raises their spirits all year long; and there’s a way for you to help!

The CHS goal for 2014 is to raise $5000 by December 11…and although it seems like a daunting goal, remember that there is nothing we can’t do if we work together! Please consider joining us.  Here’s how to help:

Tweet, Tag, and Touch Hearts!

Put your social media to good use! Using the hashtag #CHxmaS, ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other media you utilize to contribute money to the CHS cause.  If each person contributes $10, just 20 friends will help raise $200! Please join PghPsych this #GivingTuesday and make your $10 donation today on the IheartPGH team page!

Make It A Team Effort!

Or create your own team! Link up with other bloggers to create “teams” that will ask their friends for donations using the same hashtag (#CHxmaS). If 25 bloggers each have a team of friends supporting them, CHS can easily reach their $5000 goal! Links on the CHS website site will direct you to how to donate.

Party Time!

Join CHS members and supporters at Hough’s on Greenfield Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood for drinks, cookies, and fun on December 11, 2014 from 6-10pm! Donations for the CHS Holiday Gift project will be accepted at the door, and food and drinks specials will be available for those who participate.  Find more information about the party here!

Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates is excited to help CHS this holiday season, and we hope you will too! Check out the CHS website for more information about what the organization does and remember they’re also on Facebook.

Happy giving, and thank you!

2 thoughts on “Lend A Hand This Holiday Season – #CHxmaS

  1. Hi Tara, thank you and yes it’s a great cause and a great way to give back! It goes to show that if we all pitch in a little we can make a huge impact. Together with Pgh Psych we were hoping others would contribute just $10 to the I heart Pgh team (through the link above). I hope this helps and thanks for your support.
    Warm wishes, Christy

  2. Hey Christie – I love this idea! I was going to donate but didn’t see Pgh Psych as a team. Are you planning on setting that up with Crowdrise? The teams names I don’t recognize, but I guess I could just pick one. I think it would be nice to see how much Pgh Psych can raise together, though:) thanks, tara

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