New Year, New Opportunities

By Don Laird, MS, NCC, LPC

Counseling and Therapy Pittsburgh PAJanuary 1 can be a time of great optimism and hope in a world sometimes filled with darkness. The words “possibility” and “opportunity” are never quite as fitting as they are during those final and festive moments leading to the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Indeed, the New Year is a time to reflect on our previous year’s achievements while looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Most people you encounter are good and caring. They love their families and like their neighbors. They are just people, some struggling to get by, all hoping to share a laugh or two along the way.

Building on the momentum we initiated early in 2014 Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates launch into 2015 with much enthusiasm. This is our fourth year of serving the residents of the North Hills of Pittsburgh with counseling services, psychotherapy and health and wellness solutions, and we have established a robust set of goals and sketched a framework for several major projects we hope to roll out in the 2015. We are delighted to say we met many of the original goals set forth in our first three years, which have resulted in better services and experiences for new and existing clients, as well as our business partners, social network and the community at large.

Counseling and Therapy Pittsburgh PAFinally, we are so very proud of all the talented individuals at Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates who work to help, empower, educate and encourage our clients, our North Hill’s community, and our partners. On and off the couch, you are simply the best.  And I know you are not alone—supported by family and friends who encourage you to always give your best efforts and to reach for the stars.

So those are our final thoughts and reflections as we look to 2015 with hope and enthusiasm. If you are not doing so yet, please follow our weekly Blog, our monthly Cinema Therapy Podcast and daily inspirational quotes, articles and updates on Facebook and Twitter!

May the days ahead be filled with joy and adventure for all of us!

Happy New Year,
Don, Tracey and the Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates Staff