Break the STIGMA

By Don Laird, MS, NCC, LPC

Off the Script with Don and Christina

Mental Health has become the elephant in the room. In spite of recent and ongoing education and awareness campaigns the topic of mental health is still somewhat taboo to many in our culture. It is often a negative conversation that promotes an unjust and dehumanizing mark against those who suffer from a mental health diagnosis and to their loved ones who are reluctant to talk.

Positive steps have been taken to make the public more aware of the broad range of mental health problems that affect so many. However, stigmas and stereotypes associated with mental health issues continue to negatively influence attitudes in our culture. These attitudes are destructive, because they often cause individuals and their families to avoid treatment.

Pop culture has in many ways exaggerated and sensationalized mental health issues in movies and television. Individuals with mental health issues are presented in ways to create fear in people. Many films depict chronic or severely compromised characters as criminals or monsters with no redeemable qualities. These images remain with people and strengthen the negative stereotype placed on those who suffer from mental health issues

In keeping with the efforts to Break the Stigma, January’s episode of Off the Script supports Mental Wellness Month. Join us as we talk about the elephant in the room, explore ways to improve mental health, and to increase awareness. We also look at four films that depict the struggles and triumphs that many with a mental health issue face. Listen now: Episode 8 BREAK the STIGMA.

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