Love Psychological Style

Off the Script Episode 9 - Love Psychological StyleLove needs no introduction. It is a verb that presupposes the existence of two human beings who think and behave in a way that the phrase “I love you” becomes commonplace in their vernacular. So if love is, as the poets tell us, as natural as the air we breathe then how is it that we find it such a troublesome and curious thing?

Philosophers, artists, musicians, writers and scientists have spent lifetimes pondering over the subject. Most everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing love at least once in their life. Yet, questions remain – bothersome questions. How does one experience “real” love? How do we go about meeting another to love? Most importantly: how do I love and accept love?

So, dear listener, join Christina and me as we discuss the fickle mistress that is love in this month’s installment of Off the Script. Listen now: Episode 9 – Love Psychological Style

Amour, Liebe, Amore and in good health,

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