Are We There Yet?

By Don Laird, MS, NCC, LPC Off the Script with Don and Christina

Road movies come in all shapes and sizes, and almost all genres. Be it comedy, adventure, or drama, the phenomena of the Great American Road Trip Flick can follow the story of a family, two friends, two enemies, or a lonely individual. The characters versatility and resourcefulness is a film’s greatest strength, and one of the reasons why the road trip movie has such universal appeal.

Off the Script - Are We There Yet?There is a cliché that accompanies road trip movies — it’s not where you’re going but how you get there. The narrative is driven by the transforming power of the road – the hero’s journey is as old as storytelling itself. How did these characters change between point A and point Z?  Ultimately, the hero is never the same person once he or she gets to point Z.

In the spirit of the road trip flick, Christina and I explore the road less traveled in the season finale of our cinema therapy podcast. Join us as we ask the age old question uttered by child and adult alike, “Are We There Yet?” Enjoy and see you in September for a brand new season of Off the Script!

Listen now, Episode 12: Are We There Yet?

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