Keep Calm and SCARE On

Off the Script with Don and Christina

Off the Script: Episode 13
By Christina Pettinato

H.P. Lovecraft said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Fear is an experience we cannot escape. It is always with us, lurking around the next corner, lingering in the darkness at the top of the stairs, lumbering in the basement where light not dare tread. We need it, and, in fact it is healthy for us.

In the “spirit” of Halloween and in an attempt to better understand the psychology of fear, Don and I offer to you, Dear Listener, our latest podcast simply titled, “Keep Calm and Scare On.” Join us for our little cavalcade of fun and fear as we celebrate BARKTOBER 2015 and the efforts of local dog rescue and shelter Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue.

Off the Script - Keep Calm and Scare OnPgh Psych will collect much needed supplies now through October 31. Community members, dog lovers, friends and businesses are invited to donate items, including cleaning supplies, blankets, XL dog toys and beds. No donation is ever too small. Help us help them by donating supplies today!!  Also, for every new “Like” (New Follower) we get for the Pgh Psych Facebook page, we will donate One Dollar to Gentle Ben’s!! Listen to the show for further details. Happy Halloween!!

Listen now – Episode 13: Keep Calm and Scare On

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