Wacky Weather Days

by Christy Gualtieri


Sometimes funny things make me remember to go with the flow.  A blogger I like to read, who is also a beekeeper*, remarked that the warmer fall and early winter days are making her bees more active than they would be this time of year, so they are eating through their winter reserves much earlier than they normally would.  In order to keep them alive, she’s having to make an extra effort to keep them fed where she wouldn’t before.

My family and I took a trip to see my ailing mother this past weekend, and because it was nearly 70 degrees in New Jersey, I left my coat behind, and didn’t realize it — less than two weeks before Christmas!

The out-of-normal temperatures are just an example of things Not Going Right, but I’m learning more and more each day that life itself mostly doesn’t Go Right.  It just…goes.  Sure, things happen that work out for us every once in awhile, and life really is full of beauty if you look at it a certain way, but I think that if we have this notion in our minds that life is powered by shoulds, we’ll end up much more unhappy in the long run with both life and with ourselves.

There is such a temptation to overgeneralize, when this happens.  If something doesn’t go the way we feel it should, then you might feel that everything is ruined.  But if we try to keep the attitude that yes, some things are different than we would like, but life is still good and worth living joyfully, then I know we’ll have a much better time of it.

One of the struggles I have is that when I overgeneralize, it’s mostly because I’m afraid.  For example, my six-month old won’t sleep at night right now (we think she’s teething), and the thoughts that run through my head is that my whole next day will be ruined, because I’m afraid the lack of sleep will cause my day to completely go downhill.  And it’s still the middle of the night!

Does your fear make you feel this way? Completely overwhelmed and anxious about what’s to come? Mine does.  But I’m taking a cue from this wacky weather we’re having and trying to go with the flow.  I’m going to enjoy these spring-like temps for as long as we have them, even if it feels weird to be opening gifts while wearing short sleeves.  It’ll help to remind me that life sometimes happens how we least expect it to.  And that might be a good thing, after all.

Until next time, be well!

*I hate bees with a fiery passion, but am also fascinated by them, so I read bee-centered things every once in a while.  Keep your enemies closer, and what have you.

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