Meaning Conference for Psychotherapists

9th Biennial International Meaning Conference

Please do yourself a favor and if you are able to attend the International Meaning Conference it will be worth the trip. Information on the conference can be found below along with links and registration information.

9th Biennial Internation Meaning Conference
July 28-31, 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Opportunities to Learn Innovative Positive Interventions:

The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) is pleased to announce the 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference (Second Wave Positive Psychology Summit) to be held July 28-31, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

This is a rare opportunity for psychotherapists and counsellors to learn the latest evidence-based positive interventions from leading psychologists, including Michael Steger, Clara Hill, Carol Ryff, Itai IvtzanKirk Schneider, Mick Cooper, Robert Neimeyer, Jordan Peterson, William Breitbart, Paul Wong, and more.

Some of the highlights of the conference include:

  • Panel on Working with Meaning in Life Issues,
  • Panel on Terrorism and Heroism,
  • Workshop on the Positive Psychology of Mindful Meditation,
  • Workshops on the Positive Psychology of Meaning and Happiness,
  • Workshops on Palliative Care, Grief Therapy, and Trauma Treatment,
  • Workshops on Pluralistic Therapy and Couples Therapy, and
  • Symposium on Meaning and Addiction Recovery.

You can either register for the pre-conference workshops or the all-inclusive package. For more information and registration, click here.

To learn more about my good friend Dr. Wong, Conference Chair and President, International Network on Personal Meaning, visit his website at or to learn more about the Conference on Meaning visit 9th Biennial International Meaning Conference.

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