Year in RevYou

By Christy Gualtieri

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

You’re here.  For better or worse, you’ve made it to the end of another year.  A brand-new one waits just around the corner, ready to shine, ready to impart its own wisdom, its own joys.

How are you feeling today? Excited? Nervous? Apprehensive? Expectant?

One of the New Year’s Eve traditions we had growing up was for everyone to grab a plastic cup and fill it with your favorite drink (grown-up beverages for the adults, soda or juice for the youngsters), and as the clock struck exactly midnight, to drink it all as fast as possible, then throw your (plastic!) cup at the TV.  It was our way of defiantly telling our new year that although there may have been difficult parts of the year that was just behind us, we were going into the new one swinging.  And we always did.

Around this time every year, the focus shifts gradually from “best gifts” lists to “year of” lists, reviews of all that happened in the world in 2017.  We get to reflect on the year behind us,  anticipating all that is yet to come.  It is in that spirit that I invite you to take a few minutes – or longer, if you have the time- to look back on your own year.  Really look at it, examine it.  And do with it what you will.

So grab a cup of your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be plastic, we’re not going to throw it), settle in with a journal or a few scraps of paper, and let’s take a look.

What were your favorite memories of 2017? What made you laugh? Who did your surround yourself with that encouraged you, that helped you, that reminded you that you were wonderful and worth it – who made you feel as though you belonged on this Earth?

Remember, as much as you can – sear it into your consciousness – that you are wonderful.  You are worth it.  You do belong on this Earth.  Always.

What scared you in 2017? What thoughts were utterly terrifying – what kept you up at night, what beset you with worry? Who made you nervous to be around them? What circumstance(s) made you tremble and almost lose your hope?

Remember that through all of those fears, you are reading this now.  You have survived them.  Even if you are still fighting these battles, you are here and alive to face them.  You are pulling through it.

What gave you hope in 2017? What challenged you, what made you feel the most alive? What energized you? Who in your life has made you feel as though all is not lost, that good things were in store for you?

Until next time, be well!

Christy Gualtieri is a freelance writer specializing in pop culture, religion, and motherhood. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and children, blogs at, and tweets @agapeflower117. Follow PghPsych on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates, inspirational quotes, articles, and different events and causes related to good mental health.