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The Comeback is Always Bigger Than the Setback

by Lauren Heaton, MS, LPC, CMHIMP, ICAADC

As we look toward a new year and close out 2020 most of us reflect on the year as a whole. As a therapist, I can’t help but take a step back and wonder what all we are to gain from everything we have walked through in this past year.

The broken relationships, mistrust, misinformation, disease, death, riots, anger, lost employment, election, and so much more. We also have experienced an awakening. An awakening to take a step back in the midst of the chaos and make an active choice. An active choice to continue to live the way we have been living or to make a monumental change to do and live very differently.

For each and every one of us this may look very different. It may look like taking on a new job, changing our eating habits, working out more, spending more time with the people in our lives, or simply enjoying life as it comes. It may look like gratitude for everything we still have and the hope for a better tomorrow. Whatever that may look like for you today I encourage you to take a stand and to live differently. To live a more authentic, real, humble, and loving life. To look for every opportunity to make this world a better place. This past year has had some very dark days for many of us, but together we can comeback that much stronger.

I ask you to walk into the new year with a found appreciation for life, love, and authenticity. I ask you to fight for yourself, your beliefs, and your desire for a better tomorrow. I ask you to make healthier choices, stronger relationships, and bigger plans. Together, lets allow the new year to be our comeback year. Lets allow 2020 to be the jumping off point to something truly incredible and our comeback to be bigger than our set back.

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