Is Therapy Right for Me?

Therapy provides a safe environment where people can explore their problems, issues and dilemmas. Moreover, it opens a space and time to be heard and understood.

The therapeutic process sheds light upon how we are, who we are, and gives people a greater understanding about living as fully, authentically, and compassionately as possible. Therapy enables people to explore their lives and realize the many choices that are available to them. Individuals who seek therapy often do so because they desire to encounter life in a richer, more meaningful way. Others may be coping with a life problem or issue that has them feeling “stuck.”

Whatever the reasons people choose therapy, it means taking a more truthful look at ourselves. Through closer exploration of our anxieties and fears, it is possible to transform our attitudes toward living and make some quite astonishing and lifelong changes.

Appointments are now available on weekdays, evenings and weekends for individual psychotherapy for adults, children and teenagers, marital and couples counseling, and family therapy.

Why Choose PghPsych?

  • Fully dedicated, experienced, licensed team of professionals and support staff.
  • Highest respect for client privacy, dignity and safety.
  • Therapists with flexible schedules and the ability to meet most scheduling needs.
  • Relaxed, supportive outpatient treatment that addresses your life issues.
  • Evidenced-Based treatments in combination with holistic, existential and humanistic therapies embodies our comprehensive approach.
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Hills and just minutes from Downtown.

The path to wellness begins with the first step. Call us today at  412.367.0575 or click here to schedule an appointment.