Reclaim Your Confidence

Exploring Issues of Insecurity and Self Esteem
by David R. Farnsworth, MA, LPC, NCC

Counseling and Therapy Pittsburgh PAWebster defines confidence as “full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.”  Why is there such a phenomenon in our society where we often so powerfully lack self-confidence? In order for us to feel an internal sense of self-confidence, we must give ourselves permission to have that belief in ourselves.  Why do we not trust ourselves? It is actually too simple of a question.

Whose rules or value systems are we using as the measurement tool by which we compare our abilities? Whose voice are we listening to when we evaluate whether or not we can trust ourselves? Have we collected messages through our lives that tell us that we are not good enough? Less than? Unreliable? Do we allow ourselves to evaluate these messages and challenge their validity?

Or perhaps we have track records of behavior that have eroded our self-confidence.  Can we never adapt or redeem ourselves from our own histories? How do we build a resilient lens and review our past in order to gain the lessons life was trying to teach us? Are our pasts too painful and not a resource of insight? If we were able to learn from the past and integrate this learning into our life, can we begin to trust in ourselves again?

Counseling and Therapy Pittsburgh PAOftentimes we punish ourselves over the past to the point where we cannot even redeem ourselves to OURSELVES! Is this lack of trusting ourselves a valid “punishment?” Because how is the roadblock to building confidence working out for us as we move forward living our lives? Or, are we benefitting on some level from having the deficit in confidence because it makes life safer? If we do not have confidence, then this removes many things in life that require confidence to pursue and overcome. Will an increase in confidence lead us into uncharted territory that truly scares us, so it is easier to tell ourselves we can’t go there?

Perhaps this is the time in life where we can challenge some of these thoughts and feelings in order to unlock some of the roadblocks that have been standing in the way of movement in our lives?

Be courageous,

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