Therapy and Counseling in Pittsburgh

The professional, licensed therapists at Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates believe that good therapy offers a time and space to reflect, understand, learn skills to cope with strong emotions, be creative, and most importantly, be heard.

Each of our experienced therapists utilizes non-judgmental support in which clients can safely explore issues and problems that they have been unable to resolve on their own. This approach is designed to help individuals, couples and families navigate unresolved problems, conflicts, and emotional pain. Our intention is to always provide a safe and supportive environment  so that every client may achieve a pronounced sense of peace and fulfillment in their lives and in their relationships.

Rediscover Wellness. Recover Hope. Find Balance.
We invite you to talk with one of our professional, licensed therapists about:

– Addictions – Family Therapy
– ADHD – Grief & Loss
– Anxiety & Stress – Guilt
– Autism – High Functioning Anxiety
– Behavioral Problems – Intimacy Issues
– Bipolar Disorder – Life Coaching
– Bullying  LGBTQ 
– Child & Adolescent Therapy – Loss of Meaning
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Parenting
– Couples & Marital Therapy – Personality Disorders
– Depression – PTSD
– Divorce & Separation – Self Esteem
– Employment Issues – Trauma

The path to wellness begins with the first step. Call us today at  412.367.0575 or click here to schedule an appointment. Appointments are now available on weekdays, evenings and weekends for individual psychotherapy for adults, children and teenagers, marital and couples counseling, and family therapy.