In order for you to get to know our new therapist, Kirsten Hankinson, MSCP, LPC, NCC, we had her answer some questions for us. Read on to see what she has to say and if she would be a good match for you.

How would you describe your work in a six word sentence?

Building, Exploring, and expanding your abilities.

What makes you smile? Why?

I love seeing and hearing success stories or the “ah-ha! Moment” when the information or what were working on really clicks. It makes me feel like youre on the right road to be able to manage independently!

What was the most interesting place you have traveled? Why?

I was fortunate to study abroad in London in Undergrad and was able to experience the culture as a local instead of a tourist. I remember feeling like I could take in more of the people and experiences because I was not worried about getting lost or fitting all of the attractions in to a short time. That helped me really understand and expore the way Londoners live.

What is the word you use most often?


 What is a small act of kindness you experienced and will never forget?

Friends of mine, who are gentleman with autism and his wonderful aide, gave me a small bouquet of flowers randomly and asked me to “pay it forward” to keep the experience going. This was on a really rough day and truly made me stop and appreciate where I am and who I have in my life.

When did you first know you wanted to work in the helping field?

When I realized that I was trying to understand what was going on for people under the surface that lead to behavioral choices. I started being interested in psychology to learn how, what, and why people do what they do, then realized I wanted to help others learn the coping skills and ways I had to teach myself to manage my own life difficulties.

Coffee or tea?


What emotion do you think is most difficult to express?

For me, it is shame or embarrassment. It is hard to recognize or admit difficult negative emotions, but recognizing what makes them hard and admitting it to yourself and others can help increase communication and strengthen your relationships.

How do you build trust in clients?

Open, honest, respectful communication and hoping to have genuine interactions from the clients as well. I believe in following through on my words, giving the client the power and choice, and checking in on the therapeutic relationship frequently.


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