When we have a new therapist start with our practice, we want to do what we can to introduce you to him or her so that you have an opportunity to get to know them outside of their general bio. We've asked our newest therapist, Polina Kitsis the following questions about her.

She has provided you with the following answers:

1) What makes you smile? Why? Seeing others happy and in a good mood always puts a smile on my face.

2) What was the most interesting place you have traveled? Why? Thailand, I was able to experience a completely different culture, and had some great street food and experiences. (I was able to to feed and bathe an elephant!)

3) What is the word you use most often? Awesome!

4) What was your latest binge-watch show? Being Erica. (It's a show about on a woman who goes back in time to try to change decisions she made that she regrets)

5) How do you build trust in clients? I build trust by showing that I am open-minded and non-judgmental. I believe we are a team, working together on whatever struggles my client has, and working from this mindset allows space for trust to grow.

6) What is the most recent photo saved to your phone? Why did you take the photo? My dog in his new sweater. This will be his first winter in the north, so I wanted to get him a sweater to make sure he stayed warm as the weather is now changing. When I put it on it looked so cute, and he didn't try to take it off, so I had to capture the moment.

7) When did you first know you wanted to work in the helping field? Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to help others, I was always the kid who would try to help everyone else around. I realized specifically that I wanted to be in the counseling field in high school, when I knew several students who were seeing therapists, and I witnessed how beneficial counseling could be.

8) How would you describe your work in six words? Collaborative, exciting, productive, valuable, gratifying, transformative

9) If you could have dinner with anyone, whether they are dead or alive, who would it be? Queen Elizabeth II. She has been a monarch for so many years and met many dignitaries, world leaders and different types of people. I'm sure she would have lots of interesting stories.

10) What is your favorite childhood memory? Why? Going to DisneyWorld when I was 10 years old. I grew up watching Disney movies as a child, and being there brought all of the characters and stories to life for me.