Life can be overwhelming; multiple issues can build up inside of us and become compounded. You hold all of these stresses in your body and it is easy to feel depressed, sick and unhappy. I have extensive training and experience working with stress related issues, particularly work and family overload, chronic pain and illness, aging, dealing with the effects of Alzheimer's disease and grief. I will help you to develop your inner strength and spirituality. We will explore your thoughts and feelings to solve your life problems and to use these skills so that you heal and thrive.

Healing begins in the mind. I can help you to identify and remove those blocks to your truth. You will gain perspective and skill, working towards your life's goals and feelings of wholeness. Counseling will challenge you to think deeply and will concentrate on identifying and changing harmful thoughts, feeling and behaviors.

We will work together in order to bring change. I will provide knowledge and insight to specific problems and teach you techniques to identify your feelings, challenge your thought structure and change your behaviors. You may learn exercises such as meditation and relaxation to help you to stay healthy and feel centered after therapy.

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